Dorchester Rifle & Pistol Club

Sandringham Sports Centre, Fordington Fields, Dorchester


Welcome to Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club

Now we are hopefully heading out of the Covid-19 crisis, both our ranges are open. New members are welcome, and we can now progress new membership applications, and probationary training. However, as the Dorchester range is an enclosed space all those visiting the range should be mindful of not putting fellow shooters at risk, and if they have any symptoms of Covid, or test positive, stay away until they test clear. Ventilation should be maintained and social distancing respected. Hand sanitiser and surface cleaner will be available. Members are encouraged to use the booking system [in the Events section of this web site] so that Range Officers know who to expect and when. Using that system means that if the Range Officer is unable to open the range all those booked can receive an immediate message, and avoid a wasted journey.

The Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club was established in 1903 and has been a fairly constant feature in Dorset target shooting since then. We now have our own indoor range facilities at the Sandringham Sports Centre in Dorchester for all year round activities with air arms, .22 target rifle, gallery rifle, and black powder at distances back to 25m. We also own an outdoor range going back to 100 yards at Piddlehinton.

Centenary 1903 - 2003
Outdoor Range at Piddlehinton

We cater for all standards of shooting; whilst many of our members participate in individual and team competitions others just shoot for fun, relaxation, and their own satisfaction. Our shooters have a large amount of knowledge gained over the years that they are happy to pass on to new shooters! We have club equipment so new and younger shooters can participate at minimal expense and they can take their time to decide what personal kit they would like to acquire.

In line with current best practice we have probationary training programmes for new shooters and those converting to other disciplines.

Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club is a Home Office Approved Club so we benefit from the advantages that come with that approval.

Our air arms section is increasingly popular with both precision air pistol and air rifle at 10m, 'Police Pistol' at 20 - 7 yards, and field target air rifle at 10 - 50 yards.

We shoot .22 target and historic rifles prone all year round at 25 yards indoors, and in the summer we shoot outdoors at 50 yards [historic rifles], 50 metres, and 100 yards.

Our gallery rifles are shot standing at 20 yards, both precision and rapid, and that includes 'long arm' legal pistols.

Black powder shooting includes the use of replicas of the muzzle loading duelling pistols and American Civil War revolvers at 20 yards indoors and 25 metres outside.

The Club also has members who shoot full-bore rifles at Bisley and elsewhere so there is a wide range of experience and expertise within the Club.

Bayeux Annual Competition

We continue to have a long running annual rifle and pistol competition with teams from our twin town of Bayeux. Competitions take place alternately in Dorchester and Bayeux, the first being held in Bayeux in 1986. The French teams are now organised by the Amicale des Tireurs Bayeusains. You can see past competition descriptions, photographs and results on the 'About Target Shooting' page.