Dorchester Rifle & Pistol Club

Sandringham Sports Centre, Fordington Fields, Dorchester


Outdoor Range

Shooting in compliance with government guidance is restarting. In order to comply with social distancing requirements all shooters must book a time slot in advance and not simply turn up at the range hoping to shoot. Please see the Events page on how to do this.

Looking Down Range
Looking Down Range

The Clubs Outdoor Range is Situated at

Old Army Camp

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Firing Line
Competition Shoot

Facilities at the Outdoor Range

The Piddlehinton Range comprises a 100 yard rim fire range, a 50 metre gallery rifle and pistol calibre range, and a 100 yard centre fire and Black Powder range. They all use the single stop butt, and some shorter distances cannot be shot when the 100 yard firing point is in use. The Club accommodates the following Disciplines:

  • 50 yards, 50 metres and 100 yards small bore rim fire rifles, prone & 3P, using the 100 yards firing point
  • 25 & 50 metres gallery rifles and pistols, black powder pistols and rifles – standing. 25 m BP cannon. Bench rest and zeroing of other firearms.
  • 100 yards centre fire and BP rifle – supported.

100yrd Targets
100yrd Targets

The range is restricted to firearms that do not exceed muzzle velocity of 1000m per second (3280ft per second) and muzzle energy of 4500 joules (3319 foot pounds). There are further limits on unsupported gallery rifles and pistols; greater details are set out in the Range Regulations. Shooters are required to have evidence of competence and to have read and understood the Range Regulations.

Dorset Small-Bore Rifle and Pistol Association use this Range on a few weekends for County Competitions during the summer (these dates will be posted when available).

Piddlehinton Outdoor Range Times of Use*

Every Tuesday April to October 1730 until Dusk .22 Rifle Shooting
Every Wednesday All year 1000 to noon Black Powder
Every Thursday April to October 1400 to 1630 .22 Rifle Shooting
2nd Sunday each month All year 1000 to 1300 Field Target Air Rifle
Last Saturday each month # All year 0900 onwards CF / BP rifle

# Members and FAC holders must contact to book a time – first come first served. Do not turn up without booking in advance otherwise you may have a long wait!

* Additional Times and other disciplines can be arranged if there is sufficient demand.

We still have some maintenance work to do around the range so volunteers welcome!