Dorchester Rifle & Pistol Club

Sandringham Sports Centre, Fordington Fields, Dorchester


Dorchester R&PC v. Amicale des Tireurs Bayeusains at Dorchester

The Friday afternoon traffic from Portmouth ferry terminal resulted in the late arrival of the 6 shooters of the Amicale des Tireurs Bayeusains at the Sandringham Sports Centre range in Dorchester on 23rd June 2107. They immediately shot the 10m precision air pistol competition; a total of 30 scoring shots on 6 targets. The Bayeux shooters beat the home team by 70 points [1277 to 1207] with Jean-Jacques Durand 271 just edging out Steve Maros 268 for top score. Michel Huart was a further 3 points behind, 265, and Cory White [Dorchester] shot a creditable 258 to be placed fourth in his first ever competition.

The Police Pistol competition, advancing from 20m to 15m, 10m, and a supplementary 7m potential tie break shoot with air pistols, followed. Dorchester won comfortably [1168 to 1010] with Steve Maros top scoring [259] of Michelle Hubble [250] and Andy Macklin [240] with Marco dal Pont [216] leading the Bayeux shooters. These competitions were followed by a Club social on the range with an earlier form of shooting, archery, as a participant relaxation.

After the hot weather of the previous week Saturday morning at the Piddlehinton range was overcast, cool, and damp underfoot. The wind was coming over the left shoulder and snaking down the range at variable speeds. Each Bayeux shooter was twinned with a Dorchester shooter and a traditional style vermin control .22 sporting rifle to shoot 20 scoring shots at 50m twice, giving a highest possible score of 400. Because a bipod support and telescopic sights are allowed the target is quite small, the circular Cadet one designed for 25 yard shooting. In the first round Richard Burden [189] led the way from Paul Cooke [186] with Jean-Jacques Durand a close third [184]. The wind became trickier to read for the second round with Paul Cooke and Wendy Thomas leading on 185. The Dorchester team won by 1797 to Bayeux’s 1727 with Richard Burden [372] just beating Paul Cooke by one point for the individual top score.

Following lunch at The Poachers the 25m black powder pistol competition, using replica historic arms similar to those used for duelling or by highwaymen, was shot with the wind gusting up to 24 mph from the left. The shooters measure their own powder and load the lead ball down the muzzle of the pistol between each shot. There are clouds of smoke and because of the variability the loading creates they are allowed 13 shots with the best 10 to count for the match. As with the rifle competition, shooters were twinned with a pistol. The windy conditions made holding the pistols steady difficult and scores were lower than in calmer situations. Ian Davison, much better known for his rifle shooting, tied for top score with Bernard Hamel on 84, with Jean-Pierre Bouin third [82]. The tension rose as the scores were added; Dorchester come out 3 points ahead of Bayeux [367] with 370. Bayeux have a well earned reputation for their pistol shooting, with French national championship shooters in their squad, and it is a very long time since Dorchester have won this match.

Towards the end of the afternoon, the Mayor of Dorchester, Susie Hosford, accompanied by Tony, joined the teams and were instructed in how to measure the gunpowder, load the lead ball, and experience the cloud of smoke when the pistols are fired. The Mayor presented medals to the winning teams and the highest scorer on the losing team.

29 Dorchester and Bayeux shooters and supporters gathered on Saturday evening at Yalbury and Yvon’s Café in Dorchester for the Chairman’s Reception followed by a celebration Dinner. Dorchester chairman, Richard Burden, reminded the diners of Bernard Hamel’s roles in establishing a shooting club in Bayeux and both initiating and hosting the first Bayeux : Dorchester shoot in 1986.

A presentation was made to mark Bernard and Bernadette Hamel’s 45th wedding anniversary, 24th June. In recognition of her rifle shooting skills and extended support of the Twin Town shooting competitions Marie-Claire France was presented with Honorary Life Membership of Dorchester and Rifle Pistol Club. Lucas Weschke’s translations enabled everyone to enjoy a convivial evening with a minimum of misunderstandings!

Richard Burden Chairman
27 6 17

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